How to choose the right bedding

August 15, 2013

Wish you knew more about how to choose the right bedding set? Take a look at this guide:

Key components:

- Mattress size

- Texture

- Thread Count

- Weave


Mattress Size

Mattress width is obvious, but the height is not something we know off the top of our heads and could cause confusion when buying a fitted sheet. Nobody wants to buy a fitted sheet that simply doesn’t fit the mattress!

A standard fitted bottom sheet usually has a 30 to 35 cm "pocket" (the part that covers the mattress from the sides), and an in-depth pocket sheet set can have a pocket size between 40 and 50 cm. Look into the label for the pocket size or use a standard measuring tape to measure your mattress's height before you purchase your fitted sheet. This is likely to make you much happier with your purchase!

After determining the size in the bed, finding the sheets which are suitable for you is the next big step. Texture, thread count, weave and color would be the next circumstances to consider when purchasing bed linens.



If you want soft, durable sheets that hold their color and maintain their crisp look, buy 100% cotton sheets. 100% cotton definitely offers the most opulent feel when coupled with a thread count greater than 250.

Other sheet types that aren't cotton include polyester, polyester blend (cotton and polyester), silk and linen. Each type has its benefits, such as being wrinkle resistant (if it has polyester) or soft and silky, but we find that natural 100% cotton sheets are the best! All bedding at nillens is 100% cotton.


Thread Count

The term "thread count" refers to the number of threads woven together in a square inch of fabric. So, the higher the thread count, the denser the fabric. Higher thread count uses finer threads so that more threads can be woven together within the same amount of space (the square inch). The idea is that the finer threads you can weave together, the softer and finer the fabric (and the higher the price tag). Egyptian cotton is one of the best in the world because the thread made from Egyptian cotton is so fine that it is used to make really high thread count sheets (up to 1,000).

However, higher thread count bedding is not necessarily "better." It does feel softer and more silky, but not everybody likes the silky feel! Lower thread count bedding is more crisp, cool and fresh and from our experience, lots of people prefer that. So it's totally a matter of preference!

At nillens we have thread counts ranging from 200 to 600. 


The two main sheeting weaves around are percale and sateen. Percale is a plain-weave fabric, meaning that the  threads cross over and under each other one at a time. The threads are tightly woven, which results in a fine texture and finish. Sateen sheets have a more luxurious look and feel. The fabric is made in a satin weave, in which the threads are interlaced, resulting in a lustrous, smooth-faced fabric.

Other weaves include jacquard and damask. These kinds are more luxurious and display different types of patterns or stripes. Special looms create the sateen weave close to matte weave creating stripes which enable it to reveal the shine or mute the room decor.

At nillens, we carry percale, sateen and jaquard weaves.


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