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Our Story

We Believe in Soft.

Nillens began with a simple idea: to combine intricate designs with top quality Egyptian fabrics and local, responsible production. Born out of Cairo in 2011, we took this simple idea and turned it into a brand that produces a full range of bedding, towels, loungewear, and baby linens.

Our philosophy is simple: people are happy when they are comfortable. And comfortable to us means soft. But soft also means strong. Our 130 years in fabric making allow us to create the finest natural fabrics that will last for years to come. Next, we partner with the best local craftspeople to create every piece.

We Believe in Home.

We believe that Egypt has some of the best cotton in the world. We believe in working in a way that actively recognises Egypt's great resources and helps our communities. By producing locally, we support jobs in places where they are needed and encourage local production. We always choose materials that strike the balance between quality and durability - because both matter equally. 

We Believe in Paying it Forward.

We think of our clients and communities every step of the way. Our bedding, towel and baby ranges and many loungewear pieces are produced in partnership with local non-profits that support women. We will always make sure that every item you choose is soft, thoughtful, local, and exceptional.