Care instructions for bedding

Machine wash cool with like colours on a gentle cycle at 40 degrees or less. Use a small quantity of a mild detergent. Do not use detergents that contain bleach, as it will cause discoloration. Do not soak as it may cause excess dye to bleed onto light areas of fabric. Hang to dry or tumble dry until damp and then immediately remove from the dryer. For cotton sateen sheets and linens, avoid the dryer altogether as it may damage the shiny cotton satin finish or cause linen to shrink.

Care instructions for towels

Machine wash cool with like colours using mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener as it contains oils that coat towel fibres and destroy their absorbency. Do not bleach. Iron on low heat if desired. Tumble dry low. Do not use dryer sheets as they also destroy absorbency. Remove from dryer as soon as the cycle ends.

Care instructions for clothing

Machine wash warm with like colours. Use a mild detergent to avoid discolouration over time. Do not soak, as it may cause excess dye to bleed into lighter colour fabrics. Hang to dry or tumble dry on a low heat. Iron if necessary.