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Bedding guide

Nillens began with a simple idea: to combine beautiful designs with the best quality Egyptian fabrics and local, responsible production. Born out of Cairo in 2011, we took this simple idea and turned it into a brand that produces a full range of bedding, towels, loungewear and a baby collection that embody comfort, individuality and happiness. 

Our philosophy is simple; people are happy when they are comfortable. By using the finest fabrics and partnering with the best production facilities, we ensure that our products will always bring softness and comfort to your home, allowing you to live well every day.

We are 100% local, from the creation of our prints by Egyptian designers, to the making of our fabric and the production of our pieces. We believe that Egypt has some of the best fabrics in the world, amazingly talented designers, and excellent craftsmanship and we will continue to create all of our products locally. We believe in working in a way that actively recognizes Egypt's great resources and helps our community. By producing locally we will support jobs in places where they are needed and encourage Egyptian production.


We are passionate about design, and we believe that the enthusiasm we put into creating our pieces is contagious. Our designs are modern and playful and our pieces are full of color, brightness and joy. From elaborate prints and patterns to contemporary lines and cuts, our products can be mixed and matched to make your home and life comfortable and joyful.


We use the finest fabrics available on the market and the highest quality Egyptian cotton material for our bedding. We pay close attention to every detail throughout the production process. Together with our timeless designs, this ensures our products are made to last.  


Our entire bedding, towel, and baby ranges and our kimono collection are produced in partnership with local nonprofits and charities that educate and provide work opportunities for their communities, in particular women. Our work provides direct income for hundreds of families and empowers women through enabling them to support themselves and their families. Our loungewear and beachwear are also made in local factories that practice ethical production. We visit these factories often and have built strong relationships with them over the last 10 years.