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The fitted sheet

This sheet is placed on the bottom of a bed and comes with four corners fitted with elastic so that it fits snugly over your mattress. While some use flat sheets instead of fitted, we prefer a bottom fitted sheet that doesn't bunch up when we're tossing and turning! The fitted sheet should be the same size as your mattress, so make sure you know your mattress size before shopping for a fitted sheet to avoid buying one that is too small or too loose. View our fitted sheets here

The flat sheet

This is the big sheet that is laid on top of the fitted sheet and below the duvet cover or bedspread. This top part of this sheet is usually printed or embroidered, and that part is folded over the duvet or bedspread, giving your bed a touch of color or pattern. We recommend using both a fitted and flat sheet along with a bedspread or duvet on top of the fitted sheet. However, some prefer to use a duvet cover directly on the fitted sheet, bypassing the flat sheet. We find that using a flat sheet in between makes it easier when it comes to changing your bedding because you don't need to change your duvet cover as frequently since it's easier to change and wash a flat sheet than to change a duvet cover. Remember to read up on the different fabric options for choosing bed sheets before you buy them to make sure that you choose the one that's right for you. View our flat sheet sets here

The duvet cover

This is typically the most important element of your bed since duvet covers are usually more decorative than bed sheets, so here is your chance to show off your personal style and taste. Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so fall in love with the color and pattern of your duvet! We recommend choosing something you will love for years because that's how long your duvet will last. View our duvet cover setshere.


Pillowcases are what cover your pillows. A bed usually has four pillows, and therefore four pillowcases. Typically pillowcases have a printed or solid colored border that matches the flat sheet and/or duvet cover. They are usually sold in pairs, and tend to come with the bed sheet or duvet cover. Both our flat sheet sets and duvet cover sets come with 2 pillowcases. 


For those of you who prefer not to use a duvet cover in the summer months, a bedspread is a perfect way to add color to your room. Most bedspreads are made from cotton and are either folded at the foot of your bed or spread out on top of the flat sheet. View our bedspreads here

Throw blanket

We're assuming the term "throw" came about because you can just throw this small blanket on your bed, sofa, chair or just wrap it around your shoulders to stay warm and snug in the wintertime. On a bed it adds a fun dash of colour and can be coordinated with the throw cushions and to tie in all the colours and textures in your bedroom. View our throw blankets here


The ideal amount to purchase is three bed sheet sets and three duvet cover sets per bed. The idea behind this is that one set should be on your bed, one in your bedding closet, and one in the laundry. This way you never run out of fresh bed linens. Some prefer to use bed spreads in the summer rather than their duvets and if so that should be purchased as well.

The size of bedding you need depends on your mattress size. See our size guide for more information.

To ensure that you are getting the quality you desire, a key factor to look at when selecting bedding is 'thread count' and the origin of the cotton used. Another important factor is how to wash your bedding. Properly treated, our bedding will give enjoyment for a long time. Please read our care instructions before washing your bedding to ensure that you get it right.