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Registering Your Wedding List

To create a wedding list at nillens please email

We will then follow up with you and either you can visit us at our store to hand select what you would like on your list, or if more convenient you can simply select what you want on the list via our website and email us the list. If you would like customized sheets or towels with specific design or size please email us with your request and we will follow up. The list will remain in the store for a four month period. For guests living abroad we can email them your wedding list and direct them to the items themselves on the website so they can purchase them easily online.

Once your list is created we will track who purchased and what they bought on your list and notify you via email. An additional service we offer if requested is to send out an email or instant message to your wedding guest list notifying them that your list is now available at nillens.

For inquiries or to register, please email as

Washing Instructions for bedding

- Machine wash your bedding on a gentle cycle and at the warm water setting (40 degrees or less)
- Use a small quantity of a mild detergent
- Do not use detergents that contain bleach, as it will cause discoloration
- Do not soak as it may cause excess dye to bleed onto light areas of fabric
- Hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat until damp and then immediately remove from the dryer.
- For cotton sateen linens, avoid the dryer altogether as it may damage the shiny cotton satin finish

Washing Instructions for Clothing

- Machine wash warm
- Use a mild detergent to avoid discoloration over time
- Wash solid colors and dark colors separately
- Do not soak, as it may cause excess dye to bleed into lighter color fabrics
- Hang to dry or tumble dry on a low heat
- Iron if necessary

Additional tips

- Do not over dry your bed sheets and do not leave them in the dryer after the drying cycle is complete
- High temperatures or prolonged drying will cause excessive shrinkage, weaken the fibers and shorten your bed linens lifespan
- Hanging to dry will ensure less wrinkling and a longer lifespan for your bedding. The heat of a dryer destroys the natural fibers of the cotton
- Do not wash your cottons with polyester products because polyester has the tendency to "pill" and shed the same pills on to the cotton fabric