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Cairo 360 review

"Providing Cairo with locally-made, Egyptian cotton products, Zamalek's Nillens comes as a wonderful breath of fresh air amongst the realm of Cairo’s many bedding and linen shops. Located on the ground floor of the Degla Center on Hassan Sabry Street, Nillens first captivated us with the lovely aroma scent sticks that greet you as you walk in. The shop is relatively small, but very well kept; with smooth colouring and orderly merchandise, welcoming is an understatement.

...The shop's packaging deserves a mention, too, on account of its quality, aesthetics and most importantly, functionality. We can’t get over the pyjama cases.

Nillens provides a neat, efficient experience. The whole shop, along with the products, has evidently been put together with a lot of care. The range of prices vary quite widely, but if there's something that Nillens proves, it's that you can find something at a budget without sacrificing quality"

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Interview about the beginnings of nillens on Scoop Empire

"The reason behind starting the brand is because I felt that Egypt has great quality cotton and a lot of artistic talent and beautiful print designs that we should take better advantage of. All the fabric used in Nillens products is created in Egypt, and we work with various workshops and experiment with making products in creative new ways. I think that the textile designs that that these artists create are beautiful and I would like to see more support of Egyptian-made art and designs and believe that we should make an effort to promote locally produced work."

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"My family was just here visiting from Beirut last week and like any other tourists they were looking for pure Egyptian cotton bed sheets with high thread count. I immediately advised them to visit Nillens. Also founded by yet another young Egyptian designer. I love their designs and products ranging from Beachwear to fluffy gorgeous bed sheets :) "

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Interview about nillens on Eve Talk

"Nillens is a great addition to made in Egypt production designed by fresh, young and creative minds. They are sure to become a bedtime favorite among clients that are looking for high-quality, reasonably priced nillens….oops! I mean linens."

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Washing Instructions for bedding

- Machine wash your bedding on a gentle cycle and at the warm water setting (40 degrees or less)
- Use a small quantity of a mild detergent
- Do not use detergents that contain bleach, as it will cause discoloration
- Do not soak as it may cause excess dye to bleed onto light areas of fabric
- Hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat until damp and then immediately remove from the dryer.
- For cotton sateen linens, avoid the dryer altogether as it may damage the shiny cotton satin finish

Washing Instructions for Clothing

- Machine wash warm
- Use a mild detergent to avoid discoloration over time
- Wash solid colors and dark colors separately
- Do not soak, as it may cause excess dye to bleed into lighter color fabrics
- Hang to dry or tumble dry on a low heat
- Iron if necessary

Additional tips

- Do not over dry your bed sheets and do not leave them in the dryer after the drying cycle is complete
- High temperatures or prolonged drying will cause excessive shrinkage, weaken the fibers and shorten your bed linens lifespan
- Hanging to dry will ensure less wrinkling and a longer lifespan for your bedding. The heat of a dryer destroys the natural fibers of the cotton
- Do not wash your cottons with polyester products because polyester has the tendency to "pill" and shed the same pills on to the cotton fabric